I wish What is hardware acceleration?

It is a useful function, but it can also be responsible for error phenomena.

We can find Hardware acceleration to express. In most cases, this is triggered automatically and developers always understand that it is the GPU. Hardware acceleration itself can only be based on the GPU, but nowadays other possibilities can’t really be possible in an average computer.

Not many people touch these settings, and in most cases they don’t really need them, but sometimes they can cause problems if they are turned on. The option to turn it off is often mentioned in most descriptions of FPS optimization, but it doesn’t hurt to understand why you’re asking for this video or written post.

What is hardware acceleration and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Hardware acceleration

In a simplified and easy-to-understand manner, we shall deal with this question. While the computer is running, there is a specific task that needs to be done. This “drawing” can be for a game running in a browser or in a Discord Streaming system. The processor can also perform these tasks, but it will be slower than the dedicated target hardware, and other processes will suffer as well.

The setting is on the Discordon interface, in the Settings -> Advanced tab

This is when hardware acceleration is turned on, which entrusts these tasks to the GPU. Thanks to this, the CPU is also relieved, and the given task can be completed much faster and with less energy investment. Thus, hardware acceleration facilitates the work of the processor in all cases by deploying a target device / circuit that covers the video card in almost 99% of today’s computers.

Settings is at the bottom of the Spotify settings menu

Pros – cons

Basically, we can talk about something very useful, but in any case we have to take into account some limiting factors. Advantages:

  • The CPU is relieved, and the problem does not need to be forcibly resolved
  • Thanks to this, in the case of portable machines, the operating time and consumption improve significantly
  • Apps can run better and smoother
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  • It may happen that the application gets stuck or freezes, although most of the time we can blame a faulty driver or hardware
  • Certain functions do not work when the accelerometer is on
  • Running multiple programs while gaming can affect GPU performance

Should I turn it off?


In most cases, the function does more good than harm, so in most cases it is not worth turning it off. However, the last feature, which was mentioned as a disadvantage, immediately revealed the reason why it can improve FPS values ​​​​in some games. If the video card is spinning at 99-100% anyway, it’s not really smart to entrust it with new tasks. While the game is running, in addition to the frames to be compressed, the video card must also perform tasks for Spotify, Discord or even Chrome, which can indeed cause a measurable degradation in performance. If there is a reserve in the card, then there is nothing to be afraid of. On multiple monitor systems, the browser or Discord is usually running on the second screen, or even the third If you experience a drop in FPS while playing, you can try turning off the acceleration.

  • In Discord, you can do this in Settings -> Advanced tab
  • In the case of Spotify, after pressing CTRL + P, we find the option at the bottom of the list
  • In the case of Google Chrome, you can find it in the Settings -> System tab, under the name “Apply hardware acceleration when possible”.

Of course, in addition to the above applications, you can find them in several other places, it is worth looking for the terms “GPU acceleration” / “hardware acceleration” in applications.

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