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I wish What about League of Legends coming to consoles?

I wish  What about League of Legends coming to consoles?

The question asked in the title can often be found on the World Wide Web, I note, not by chance.

The question asked in the title can often be found on the World Wide Web, I note, not by chance. Riot Games and Xbox recently launched their union, under which most Riot games have appeared in Xbox Game Pass. If you subscribe to the Xbox service and connect your Xbox account with your Riot user, you can get special exclusive rewards for games like LoL, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift or even TFT.

Game Pass membership gives you access to:

  • League of Legends (PC): All Champions unlocked
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift (mobile): All Champions unlocked
  • Legends of Runeterra (PC and mobile): Free foundation set
  • Teamfight Tactics (PC & Mobile): Some Little Legends unlocked
  • VALORANT (PC): All Agents unlocked

Linking your Xbox Game Pass and Riot accounts is easy, just a few steps. The moment someone starts any Riot game through the Xbox app on PC, the option to link the two accounts or create a new account if someone doesn’t already appear. Once linked, all Game Pass benefits will be available.

Why is this appropriate?

Well, Xbox Game Pass is basically a game library, and it works just like Netflix for movies and series. Therefore, many people believed that the appearance of Riot Games in Game Pass heralded a possible console release.

In my opinion, the assumption is correct, but not the specific League of Legends, but Wild Rift and Valorant can expect the console to appear as soon as possible. Moreover, according to certain sources, the first one could have been released on December 12, 2022, but for some reason it got delayed, and since then we haven’t received much information about the console port.

We’ve known since last year that Riot is trying to bring Valorant to mobile and consoles, and the developers have also been talking about releasing Wild Rift on consoles for years. The Xbox partnership is another light at the end of the tunnel, we wouldn’t be surprised if we got a console port of one of Riot’s most successful games this year.

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