I wish There will be plenty to choose from

The list has been updated again.

It’s no secret that the developers of Call of Duty stock the best skins in the paid store. We can’t complain about the Battle Pass combos either, but the free-to-play model can only survive in this one. It was already revealed at the beginning of March that we can expect an even better co-op look for each season starting with Season 3. It’s usually hard to predict when skins will hit the store, but this time the full list has been leaked once again. Based on the spins so far, the selection is correct, so we can confidently precalculate until the Season 4 Update.

We owe the list to the since-deleted codsploitz Twitter account, which updated a few days ago with items from Season 3 Reloaded. In the video above, we can also visually show individual beams:

  • May 14 – Animal Fashion
  • May 16 – Tracking Pack: Damascus Heat
  • MAY 17 – TRACER PACK: 2023 Call of Duty League ™ Champs
  • May 19 – MWII Pro Pack 4: Demon Deer
  • May 21 – Carbon Blade
  • May 23 – Grimm: The Golden Goose
  • May 26 – Tracking Packet Items: MAGMAFLOW
  • May 29 – Age of the Vikings
  • May 31 – Pack Trace: TimTheTatman Trigger Pack
  • May 31 – TRACER PACK: Nickmercs Player Pack

In extreme cases, of course, errors may occur, but only Activision programmers have insight into this. Knowing the list above, we can know when it’s worth charging some extra CP.

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