The second half of the fifth and final season of La Casa de Papel was released on Netflix in December 2021. The series quickly became a hit, with the characters becoming known all over the world. And most of the actors managed to take advantage of that, for Pedro Alonso last December It arrives It has its own spin-off series, Berlin, but the past year also saw the mini-series debuts of Itziar Itunio, who plays Lisbon, and the co-thriller series of Naiwa Nimri, who plays Alicia Sierra, and Alba Flores, who plays Nairobi. And soon, a brand new crime drama series will arrive on Netflix, in which you will play two important characters from the bank heist series.

the flaming body (Burning Body / El cuerpo en llamas) The heroine of the novel Ursula Corberowho formed Tokyo in The Big Money Heist, but plays an important character in it, as Gandia, the head of the security guards Jose Manuel Poga also. The Flaming Body is based on true events, and takes place in May 2017. According to the story, the burnt body of a policeman was found in a car in the Foa Reservoir in Barcelona. The event quickly grabs people’s attention and all eyes are on two people; On the victim’s friend, Rosa, and her lover, Albert.

You don’t have to wait long to watch the 8-part miniseries, because… On September 8th Connect to the streaming service. Ursula Corbero plays Rosa, while José Manuel Poga plays the murdered cop, Pedro. In addition to the actors in big money heists, he is known from the series My Neighbor Javier Kim Gutierrez He can also be seen in the series playing the male protagonist Albert. She also plays Rebby’s mother, Sandra, in the hit drama Elite Eva LorachBeside seen in the series Isaac Ferrez Follow Favorite Raul Brito (missing girl) Bruno Seville (a town called slag) f Aina Clotet (illusion) too.


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