Fertőtlenítik a sporteszközöket az egyik bezárt edzőközpontban Nyíregyházán 2020. november 11-én. A koronavírus-járvány második hulláma miatt elrendelt kormányzati védelmi intézkedések szerint ettől a naptól tilos a szabadidős létesítmények használata, beleértve különösen a fitnesztermeket, fedett uszodákat, múzeumokat, könyvtárakat, mozikat és állatkerteket, korcsolyapályákat.

It was published in the Hungarian newspaper, who do not have to pay the rent until June

The government announced a rent exemption for caterers who rent land on municipal or state-owned property. At the same time, the mayor has also made proposals and several counties have supported lodge owners by offering additional fee reductions. The latest Hungarian newspaper Based on prof WalletTo whom and for how long you do not have to pay the rent.

The rental exemption covers:

  • Restaurant or buffet in the workplace,
  • There is a restaurant and bar on site.
  • The canteen and buffet of the General Education Institution and the Vocational Training Corporation,
  • Restaurant operator or buffet at the healthcare institution.
  • The scope of the decree does not extend to Magyar Nemzeti Bank or a majority influence company of Magyar Nemzeti Bank.


Rents for the period from February to June 2021 cannot be requested from the tenant

On the basis of leases in relation to buildings owned by a state or local authority and a majority-controlled company in the state or local authority.

The decree also stipulates that catering establishments, sports service providers and accommodation establishments established before November 4, 2020 are subject to an exemption.


  • Mobile catering restaurant,
  • Catering for the event,
  • Serving drinks,
  • screening,
  • Organizing conferences and trade fairs,
  • Sports training and recreation,
  • Performing arts,
  • Complementary to performing arts,
  • Operating technical facilities,
  • Museum activities,
  • Operation of a factory, a zoo, a nature reserve area,
  • Running a sports facility,
  • Sports federation,
  • Exercise service,
  • Other sporting activities,
  • Amusement park, amusement park,
  • Physical welfare service,
  • Other entertainment, entertainment,
  • hotel service,
  • Vacation and other temporary accommodation services,
  • Camping service,
  • Other accommodation services,
  • Travel agency,
  • Or travel arrangements
  • Other road passenger transport
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For those who have already paid the said rent in advance, the landlord is required to pay it by March 15, 2021.

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Opening image: MTI / Balázs Attila

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