He put a tracking device on his children and trained them like dogs to come back

A mom uses Apple AirTags to track her children and, like dogs, trains them to come to her at the push of a button when needed for their own safety.

Wild Stevens In a TikTok video he showed that he is following 4-year-old Stella and 2-year-old Serena using the AirTag, which was mostly invented for finding keychains, wallets and packages. Today we are at dog training. – The mother captioned the video, explaining that the small devices make a beeping sound and children can be trained to return to it when they hear the beep.

Stephens, who is eight months pregnant, explained that she had seen the baby tracker built into the bracelet before and liked the idea, especially worrying about her two-year-old daughter. “If you get lost, AirTag is perfect for finding you. It only takes a second if you look away, and it disappears somewhere in the crowd.”

Mom will also use little beacons when her daughters visit their grandparents and go to Disney World or a theme park. He said instead of calling his parents and asking where they are, he just looks at the AirTags. “I don’t care if people think I’m crazy Stevens says. You can’t be protective enough these days.”

Commentators were very divided on the method. Some thought we live in a world where it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks when it comes to kids’ safety, while others thought it was like spying on kids and they would never feel trusted by their parents.

In a previous article, we have collected the arguments for and against tracking children using smartwatches.

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(featured image: TikTok/stevensfam)

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