He launched another attack to remove Trump from the presidency

He launched another attack to remove Trump from the presidency

Maryland Member Jimmy Ruskin submitted the relevant resolution proposal; Vice President Mike Pence will be forced to take over the presidency of the United States from the incumbent president on the basis of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, with the help of the Trump government.

The Democratic majority will likely vote on the motion to pass, but Mike Pence will not have to exercise the powers set out in the constitutional amendment. If he doesn’t live with it within 24 hours (he probably won’t), Democrats will initiate abuse measures Wednesday, which will come to a vote that day.

Violation measures are also expected to be voted on by the House of Representatives, but difficult to pass through the Senate, which currently has half of the Democratic and Republican senators.

There is very little chance that Donald Trump will be transferred by Congress until Biden’s inauguration on Jan.20, as it is impossible to complete the process in a week. Even if, by some miracle, the violation measures passed through the Senate (which would require massive Republican support), they could not be prevented from running in the 2024 presidential election.

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