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Half an hour of skull and bones with the developers

Half an hour of skull and bones with the developers

Game news

They showed the game live that day, while the theme was narrative.

01/14/2023 16:32 | Gehrig | Category: game news

We also reported that the Ubisoft In addition to canceling several of his unannounced matches, he has also held postponements Skull and bones its premiere. The pirate game is no longer the same as it was advertised years ago, as it has undergone a complete concept change since then. Last fall news was of a March premiere (of course, since the game was delayed from November at the time…), but now there’s no set date again, just sometime in fiscal 2023 – that’s roughly any time in April. 2023 to March 2024.

Presumably, Ubisoft sensed this wasn’t quite right again, so the other day they did a live stream led by Alexis Cretton, who’s joined by Joel Janisse, who’s in charge of the narrative. The two played a half-hour long game presentation, the main theme of which, understandably, was storytelling and missions.

In the game, we start our career as one of the many castaways, and the goal is to fight our way to becoming the most feared pirate in the Indian Ocean. We can also build a whole fleet of ships for this. During our adventures, we can go through various missions and tasks, which we receive from NPCs or messages sealed in bottles that we just found.

Based on the video, there are hardly any complaints about the visuals (although the ships sometimes move awkwardly on the water…), the question is more about how fun the game is. Because after so many years of waiting and half a dozen delays, the producers have to hit it off. Although players who were looking forward to Skull and Bones in the beginning have probably lost interest now… ■

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Skull and bones
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Comments (3)

Jaws 01/14/2023 17:11
I don’t know… I would be very interested in this incredible thing. But so is Ubisoft. Seriously, it’s not true that they don’t feel these 15-year-old mechanics are outdated and, more importantly, crap. Why do you need HP on the tower? Why do you need these light poles for missions?

It’s also… fast, or I’m not. Ah…we’ll see.

Topic 17
Topic 17 01/14/2023 22:26
Eh, this ship…

*puts on sunglasses*

… has already sailed.


empty, nothing. They left out what would be Salt and Pepper: Boarding the Ship, and fact Discovery. The latter is obviously hard to understand from a video, but unfortunately that part also looked terribly boring.


Jaws 14.01.2023 10:35 PM
exactly. Have a huge map, but don’t have any markers or question marks or that kind of nonsense on it. There must be treasure maps, and there must be small forts on small islands and caves, so that you can search and discover. You have to find the place on the map based on the drawing on the map. You don’t have HP lines, everything has to be slower, this is how you have to extract the treasure chest, this is how you have to reload the cannon and single shot pistol, this is how you can get lost, be afraid of random storms, whirlpools, kraken, etc. You don’t have towers, you don’t have like a colorful bubble icon system, you don’t have that crap that since Far Cry 3 the same game has always been released with a different knife pack. Seriously, do I have to find out?? :Dr

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