Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Aunt Viv Upset About Reunion Photo

Recently the cast of Fresh Prince had a tiny reunion at their costars charity event, but where was the original aunt Vivian? If you don’t know allow me to catch you up. After three seasons of being on Fresh Prince the original aunt Viv, Janet Hubert was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid. Hubert revisited the hurt and pain she felt on “Life After,” stating “if you wanted me to kiss your ass you had to have put it in my contract.” Hubert allegedly could not manage to get along with Will Smith and being that he was the highlight of his career he was calling all the shots. Their relationship had got to the point where Hubert would not speak to the cast unless she was in character. Hubert went more into depth about what really happen in her memoir Perfection Is Not a Sitcom Mom.

Fast forward to now, Alfonso Ribero who portrayed Carlton posted a picture while he was at Karyn Parson’s (Hilary Banks) charity event. I guess the caption didn’t set well with the Hubert who took to Facebook to share how she felt.

In my opinion, Hubert was the better aunt Viv even Smith admitted the ratings weren’t the same. Instead of working things out like adults Smith wanted to take jabs at Hubert if you remember? Every time Jazz came in the room and the replacement aunt Viv was there he would say that famous line “you know Mrs. Banks there is something different about you.”

One time for our favorite Aunt Viv scene, you know the one when she killed that dance routine.

Who do you think was the better aunt Viv? Sound off in the comments.

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