Four cities will host the Davis Cup final this year

In addition to Manchester, Valencia, Bologna and a Croatian city will be decided as the venue for the Davis Cup Tennis Finals groups in September.In Wednesday’s draw, it was revealed that defending champions Canada will play in Italy.

It was already certain that the first stage of the final would take place in four different cities, and eight national teams from the four groups would reach the knockout final in Malaga in November. Based on Wednesday’s draw, the defending champions will have to battle against the Swedes and Chileans in the match between September 12-17 as well as the Italians to reach the Group A finals.

Last year’s finalists, the Australians, were placed in the top four in Manchester alongside the Brits, the French and the Swiss, in Group C in Valencia, as well as the hosts, Serbs, Czechs and South Koreans. In the D-marked quartet, the Croats, the Dutch, the Americans and the Finns will fight for the next places. In the same period, the Hungarians will host the Turks in the qualifiers, and the final match will be held in Malaga between November 21 and 26.

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