Finom Balaton debuts under the leadership of Lia Pokorny!

Finom Balaton debuts under the leadership of Lia Pokorny!

What’s on the plate at our favorite restaurant in Lake Balaton? Where do they take it, and how do they cook it so that the waiter puts it before us? Where did the place start and how does the owner see himself? Pokorny Lia climbed into the kitchen of three famous restaurants in Balaton for several days to get to know him from the other side of the table and show him everything unseen on the table of our favorite place. Film screening of Finom Balaton, MOL’s Very Balaton gastro movie series.

Priests’ Winery, Kvirág, Kistücsök – Three famous and famous Balaton restaurants with a strong connection to Lake Balaton, with local producers’ wine, cheese and bread. All three restaurants are part of the Best of Balaton programme, which brings together the best of Lake Balaton, and countless articles, posts, and Instagram food photos have been written about all three. Actress Lia Pokorny introduces these places in the short films Finom Balaton, now debuting, from a perspective we’ve seen many times from: from the other side of the table, from the woods, vineyards, and cellars.

You can watch the first part of Fine Lake Balaton with Priest’s Winery in Balatonszőls here!

Lia Pokorny connects the courtyard of the priests’ winery, Kővirág and Kistücsök, bakes, cooks, takes mushrooms, picks buds, serves them and asks. Restaurant owners and chefs, wine and cheese producers, tell us why they started, why they love it, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Each episode ends with a dinner evening, where MOL artists Very Balaton, Márton Hangácsi, Saya Noé and Odett will perform.

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In addition to her love of cooking, Lia Pokorny’s main inspiration has been the faces and personalities behind restaurants. “I love cooking, eating delicious food, I love exploring this country, I love Lake Balaton and its surroundings. I love people who are able to create and change, to change, to find new ways – constantly striving for quality, in tune with the environment and nature. I love in them that they know what They made it, but they humbly deal with success because there is hard work behind them, but also in front of them, where you cannot stop, relax! All this dealt with the most obvious nature, because how could it be otherwise, I met people who were wonderful to be around, Surrounded by secret, strength, wisdom and humility, they are heroes, and yet I feel they stay in the background because what is important to them is what they created so that they can pass it on to us.”

“We didn’t want to show the well-known food stories for a few minutes, but we wanted to slow down to restaurants, be together for days, eat and cook with them, and understand something about their operations, their soul,” said Dina Konieves, Chain Director of Fine Balaton, who spent several days at each location. With Lia Pokorny, “That’s why short films are 45 minutes long.” The creators and producers of this series are the founders of MOL Very Balaton, Norbert Lobenwein and Zoltán Fülöp.

Finom Balaton will debut with Balatonszőls Winery on July 28. From the short film on MOL’s Very Balaton youtube channel, we can learn about the Papp family that runs the restaurant, the Tekeresvölgyi cheese, the Szabó and Fia wineries that make house wine, the mango-flavored radish and the new life of the great-grandmother’s closet. Story Restaurant Kővirág in Köveskál will arrive on August 11, and the segment serving Kistücsök Restaurant in Balatonszemes will arrive on August 25.

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