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Excellent productions qualify for the World Championship

Excellent productions qualify for the World Championship

Nut Geula Groskes The sports hall hosted the IFBB Hungarian Children’s Fitness Cup organized by the Hungarian Bodybuilding and Fitness Association, where athletes can also qualify for the World Championships in Serbia in June. The Bakó-Sas Fitnesz SE athletes from Kaposvár distinguished themselves, impressing the professional jury individually, as a duo, trio and as a team, and as a result of their excellent work, in addition to the medals, they were also able to boast of two World Championship qualifications at the end of the competition.

– Again, our athletes performed great, we can boast of a total of 32 medals, – we found out From Media Bruckner SAS, from the President of Bakó-Sas Fitnesz SE. “next to.” Rica Sovac and Anella Netty-Tooth I was able to qualify for the IFBB World Championships, which is quite an achievement from them. I’m also very happy to expand the offer. We also created two new junior teams, both of whom brought home medals from their first competition.

Bakó-Sas Fitnesz SE medal winners

Starting class, 7-9 years old

Gold Medal: Team Chino-Nacho: Eszter Nagy, Hanna Hiffner, Szófia Bartal-Kovács, Léna Kondrath, Laura Gschwindt.

Bronze Medal: Mary Poppins Team: Lara Lange, Dora Balogh, Lena Kasatari, Lena Langer, Dalma Korocches, Zoe Domonicos.

They are between 10 and 12 years old

Silver: Soda & Yoda Team: Aliz Németh -Jó, Olívia Erdélyi, Zorka Tömösváry, Dóra Bárány, Panna Dobrovóczky, Rébay Lilien, Fanni Réti.

Gold Qualifiers: Léna Langer (2017), Hanna Markovics (2015), Rébay Lilien (2014), Fanni Réti (2014), Panna Dobrovóczky (2014), Hanna Nagy (2013), Eliza Bárány (2011), Zoé Fodor (2010) Andrich, Sarah (2010).

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Silver ratings: Zorka Tömösváry (2016), Dóra Bárány (2014), Part Lara (2011).

Class B:

Gold Medalist: Pura Jaspar (2010).

Silver medalists: Mira Szijártó (2013), Anna Ernst (2010).

Bronze medalist: Szonja Kordély (+16).


Silver medalists: Zico Hanna (2012), Liliana Papp (2010), Luka Bali (2009).

Bronze medalist: Kenga Szabo (16+).

Elite class:

Bronze medalist: Rica Sovac (2011).

dance class

They are gold medalists. The Trio, My Heart (Balaz Bernadette, Anna Petrfi, Luca Betto). Duet, Kesha (Anella Natty-Toth, Ernst-Anna). Team, Angel-Devil (Zsófia Kiss, Luca Bali, Réka Sovák, Netti Anilla Tóth). Formation, Magic Routine (Anilla Netti Tóth, Anna Ernst, Réka Sovák, Kinga Szabó, Adél Székely, Szonja Kordély, Sándor Kincs, Norina Horváth-Bank, Anna Péterfi, Luca Pet, Balázs Bernadett, Lucai Balió, Nthósilla).

Silver Medal Team: Carnival (Anna Petrfi, Anella Nitti-Toth, Rica Sovac, Anna Ernst, Luca Bitto, Pallas Bernadette).

In addition to medals, the association also took a number of valuable points-scoring places: Dorka Horváth 5th, Balázs Bernadett 7th, Anna Péterfi 9th, Luca Pető 5th, Viktória Szaka 7th, Sándor Kincs 6th, Horváth – 8th in the Norina Bank, Zsófia Kiss fifth place, Adél Székely tenth place, Anilla Netti Tóth seventh.

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