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Uni-Terrace was opened by the eleventh. Miskolc University is located in Avasi Borangolás. In one of the largest community events in Miskolc, the university showed the human side of the world of science and the university with its programmes.

An ancient tradition is brought to life at Avasi Wine Tours, which have been organized for a decade and are associated with Miskolc City Day (May 11): Miskolc’s wine and cellar culture. Historic Avas live again during the riots, and are part of the social and cultural life of the city, with which Miskolc University is closely associated.

Bella Hmphas wine philosophy He says in his excellent book: “All wine (…) is social and reveals its true essence when drunk in community.” If we accept the message of this idea as true, it can even be formulated that Miskolc University can better show its scientific world and intellectual culture in the (city) community.

In this year’s Avasi Borangolás, the faculties of the university join the cultural and gastronomic events taking place in the 68 locations of the historic Avasi, from the Cellárium, through the Avasi observation point to Papszer, with their own and unconventional programs focusing on the everyday side of science. The historical continuity of the university was represented by the Selmec traditionalists, while the display of geographic information, which can also be used in viticulture, gave a taste of 21st century technology. Just like artificial intelligence, or even the topic of data analysis that permeates our daily lives. Microscopic presentations revealed the secrets of glass science and the structure of materials, and health-conscious lifestyles were discussed in connection with wine slides. Playful legal issues related to the jurisprudence of teaching wine and the game of international competitions, the Chinese staff of the Confucius Institute taught cultural values ​​that knew no bounds, and the fascinating electrical experiments and laser show set an example of the diversity of technical knowledge of Uniterras visitors.

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Photo gallery >> Uni-Terrász in the eleventh. Avasi roaming

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