Even after the Canadian race was canceled, the Mexican and American Grand Prix races are not in danger

The Mexican racing promoters, as well as Formula 1, have responded to the cancellation of the Canadian Grand Prix, indicating that they still intend to hold the race in Mexico City and Austin. On the other hand, Brazil was not mentioned.

Wednesday It became officialThat, like last year, this year’s Canadian Grand Prix will also be missed, and it turns out that the square will visit Istanbul instead. The question arises about the other three American battles scheduled to take place in October and November, respectively.

The Mexican Grand Prix promoters state that everything is going according to plan for the time beingForrás: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Usage worldwide / Hoch Zwei

There was positive news about the United States scheduled for October 24, as well as the Mexican Grand Prix a week later, which is not surprising in terms of the number of new infections with the Coronavirus in both countries less than the population of Canada. The country of Latin America in particular stands up better, so the race organizers there immediately noticed that everything was going as planned.

Regarding the announcement of the cancellation of the Canadian Grand Prix, we would like to stress that the Mexican Grand Prix will be held next October. – Advertising promoters. “The decision not to hold the event in Canada was due to some measures affecting the country, such as travel and entry restrictions or a mandatory two-week quarantine.”

The United States is not much better in everyday accidents than its northern neighbor, but the state of Texas that hosts Formula 1 has a lower than average infection, and about half of the people were infected with the virus on Friday as Canada. Mexican promoters are also citing the Formula One ad, which outlines the situation on Tour Austin as well as Mexico City.

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We’d like to make it very clear that this year’s Mexican and American Grand Prix will not be affected by any change. We have worked with relevant promoters to keep the Mexican race going. They are getting a huge offer and we are excited to visit these places. “

Seeing the current situation, Mexicans can be truly optimistic, and in fact, their goal now is to let fans in for the weekend as well. However, within half a year, the situation can change a lot, so the data is constantly checked.

According to Formula 1, the US Grand Prix is ​​also not in dangerSource: Getty Images / 2019 Getty Images / Mark Thompson

“We will continue to work with local and federal authorities and monitor the situation to create the best possible conditions and the safest possible for all participants. As promoters of the Mexican Grand Prix, we are optimistic about that. By the end of October, the situation in the country will allow us to hold the race in front of spectators at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit.

One week after the Mexican Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix will be due, but the Interlagos competition has yet to be announced. Of the three countries, South Americans may be the most pessimistic, as the situation is worse than Canada in terms of daily infection rates.

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