Esport 1 - all esports in one place!  - "The first place is the goal, but there might be some challenges."

Esport 1 – all esports in one place! – “The first place is the goal, but there might be some challenges.”

An international squad, but with three excellent Hungarian players, will be on board for the third season of K&H MNEB.


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It is not uncommon for the internationally listed esports team to consist of mostly Hungarian players. High Coast Esports is represented in many games, and in 2020 they also launched their own band in Rainbow Six: Siege. On November 19, DogeFather, Flexy (Portugal), Lurifax (Sweden), Hedsu and w1oza were confirmed and have already scored several notable goals this spring. Not only did they reach the regular season of the Nordic Championship – 2021 – they are currently in fourth place with two wins and one defeat – but they also recently starred in the K&H MNEB Open Qualification Season Three, then won the closed qualification without any problems. Not only are Betang among the top five, they can also stand the chance of a championship title because they give a great performance individually and as a team. The Hungarian Three Musketeers, DogeFather, H3dsut and w1oza, might not need to introduce anyone, as they won the second season of K&H MNEB in Salamander, beating Team Plague 3-0 in the final.

We’ve now asked DogeFather how this opportunity came to HCE, who his new mates are and for what purposes they did in 2021:

You joined a very serious e-sports team. How did you get the opportunity to continue your career with HCE colors?

“I was the last to join the team, then the guys had been working with High Coast for a while, but all I can say is that they got to the Swedish organization through a mutual acquaintance, which gave them an opportunity to be part of the North.”

In the domestic environment, I don’t think you, W1oz and H3dsut should be introduced to you, but what do you know about two foreign colleagues?

“Specifically, it’s about Flexy and Lurifax. The former is Portuguese, while the latter is a Swedish budding player with a lot of potential and although we haven’t seen them in big teams yet, I’m sure the results and performance will talk about it.”

You can say that you passed the open match and then the closed playoffs without any problems. How hard do you feel about qualifying for you?

“We did not feel strong at all, although we must add that the smaller Hungarian teams, which were mostly newly formed, participated in these qualifiers, but with sufficient training, few teams have the potential to reach the next MNEB season. “

Compared to the previous season, the field in K&H MN3B has changed slightly. Who do you think might be your biggest competitor?

“For a while after Salamander disbanded, maybe the WiLD could be said to have distinguished from other Hungarian teams, but since then there have been two rivals, which I currently consider an opportunity for Ilya and Nice Gaming.”

What do you expect from the tournament, what result will you / will be satisfied with?

“Obviously, the goal is always number one, but now the Hungarian stage is not our priority, so it won’t get as much attention from us as we did with Salamander last year, for example.”

What are the team’s goals in the international stages?

“Qualify for the Challenge League across the North, and go there in the best possible position.”

The regular season of K&H MN3B LoL will start on April 23!

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