Senior staff salary costs are in the order of 1 billion HUF.

At the end of February, the Magyar Posta company, which had previously closed many of its offices, announced that it would lay off 1,200 employees, and also announced that the priority task of the new management appointed last November is to increase the efficiency of the organization, the 21st century. It will be the establishment of a business process and service level It meets the requirements of the twentieth century. As a result, it is Send a public interest data request to the company to find out how many employees it has and how much its managers earn.

In response a link was received which, when clicked, revealed that the Post Office had a Director General and three Deputy Directors General.

The CEO is Barnabás Balczó, whose monthly salary of HUF 5 million includes board fees of HUF 650,000, CHF 240,000 in other benefits and a 20 percent bonus.

Victor Kohuth, Deputy General Manager for Business, receives a monthly salary of 4 million HUF, as well as a board bonus of 450,000 HUF, other benefits of 240,000 HUF and a 20 percent bonus.

Tamás Horváth, Deputy General Manager for Organizational Management, and István Szíj, Deputy General Manager for Finance, are not members of the Board of Directors, so they can only receive HUF 240,000 in other benefits and a 20% bonus plus 4 million HUF per month salary.

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The organization has another 27 senior employees, whose salaries, according to’s calculations, cost 600 million HUF per month. In addition to the basic salary, they are also entitled to a cafeteria allowance of 240,000 HUF and a bonus of 20 percent of their salary.

The total wage costs of Magyar Posta’s senior staff are in the order of 1 billion forints.


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