According to a cracker, the PC version has been discontinued due to copy protection systems

According to a cracker, the PC version has been discontinued due to copy protection systems

a DSO . Games You mentioned that a hacker recently managed to hack the PC version of Resident Evil Village. This is not interesting news because torrenting can now be used (although who is important), but because the pirate claims that the illegal version works better than the original. This is because he said that horror game copy protection systems are causing performance issues.

Since the release of The Village, many have criticized the PC version, and digital foundry His colleague, for example, wrote in May that he was “disappointing” for the port. Many have complained that the game tends to stall in certain situations, such as when we kill zombies. According to EMPRESS, which hacked the village, this is due to two protection systems, Capcom’s own solution and Denuvo V11. His claims were also proven by the DSO staff, who played for two hours with the broken version, during which a number of enemies were eliminated, but in this version also they did not experience any stutter.

Gamers and developers have complained about Denuvo for years, and it’s not a new idea that DRM degrades gaming performance. The software gets hacked by crackers after a while (much faster today than it was when the system was first introduced), but publishers still insist on it finding it useful for sales in the first few days and weeks. By the way, Capcom pulled Denuvo out of the Resident Evil 2 edition in 2019 after the game was hacked, so it’s likely that it will soon be eliminated from the village as well.

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Resident Evil Village probably won’t hurt from the pirate version, as it managed to sell 4.5 million copies of the game in two months. At this pace, it could easily be the best-selling game in the franchise, with Resident Evil 7 currently in the top 9 million games list.

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