During the weekend, nearly a million people were vaccinated in the UK

According to the latest figures released on Sunday, nearly a million people were vaccinated against the Coronavirus vaccine over the weekend in the United Kingdom, and the number of Britons who have already received the first dose of the vaccine is approaching 6.5 million, according to MTI reports. The number of newly tested coronavirus infections continues to decrease steadily and at a significant rate.

The British Ministry of Health said that 478,248 people had been vaccinated on Saturday and 491970 by Sunday night, which means that 970,218 vaccines were administered across the country within two days. The number of vaccinations reached a record high on both days.

The ministry also said that since the start of the vaccination campaign in the UK on December 8, 6,353,321 have received the first dose of the vaccine, and 469,660 have received the second dose. Thus, the number of vaccines administered so far, including the first and second doses, exceeds 6.8 million.

According to the ministry’s report on Sunday evening, 3,004 new cases of coronavirus were identified through the testing countries in the past 24 hours. In previous weeks, more than 60,000 new infections, sometimes nearly 70,000 a day, were tested in the UK almost every day.

Sunday is the seventh day in a row that fewer than 40,000 new cases of coronavirus have been detected by testing. According to the ministry’s data set, 25,1504 cases of coronavirus were tested in the week ending Sunday. This is 72,110, 22.3 percent less than the number of new infections detected in the same period a week ago.

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