Strike will paralyze the UK this week

The British Automobile Association (AA) is warning of a significant increase in car traffic after a major strike on the country’s rail network came to a halt this week – It was reported by Sky News.

According to the AA, the roads most affected will likely be the most important highway roads, but congestion in rural and suburban areas will also increase several times.

Although the closure of railway workers will only take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, many passengers are also expected to abandon the train throughout the week due to this.

RAC Motors spokesman Rod Dennis said additional pressure on the road would be inevitable as many Britons would have to drive because of the work stoppage.

Photo: Vudi Xhymshiti / Anadolu Agency / Agence France-Presse

The strike may hit Scotland and Wales particularly, as most railways will be completely closed.

The government is only pouring oil on the fire

With less than 24 hours left until Britain’s biggest rail strike in decades, tensions are rising between the government and labor unions.

Union leaders accused cabinet members of threatening to deprive workers of their legal rights, inflaming tensions.

TUC’s Frances O’Grady says the government will have the strength and opportunity to help end this debate, but instead is trying to set workers against employers.

He claimed that the Westminster government had plans to change the law to allow employers to hire temporary workers while they were on strike.

According to the union leader, railway workers have no choice but to exercise their right to strike.

O’Grady concluded that if wage cuts continue into the future, thousands of safety-critical and front-line jobs will be lost and train traffic will be at risk.

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Mick Lynch, RMT general secretary, said there could be a summer of discontent in the UK and layoffs could spread to other sectors.

People can’t stand it anymore

He said, adding that the union does not aim to cause disruptions in people’s lives.
Education unions have warned that they may be next on the list of strikers if wage increases in 2022/23 do not meet the demands.

The rail strike is also an epidemic for retailers

The iterations are also expected to have a noticeable impact on businesses across the country. Springboard forecasts that retail traffic in the country is expected to fall 9.3 percent this week.

The situation will not be mitigated by the fact that the London Underground will also join the strike on Tuesday.

Retailers are already struggling with rising costs and labor shortages, but they are still trying to make the most of the unrestricted summer after the outbreak.

The New West End company, which represents 600 shops, restaurants and hotels in central London, said in a statement that as the number of international visitors had not yet recovered from the pandemic, they were frustrated by the fact that they would face further disruptions which could scare them. them away.They also represent local tourists.

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