Disney's Dreamlight Valley - A life simulator in a fairytale world

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley – A life simulator in a fairytale world

Who wouldn’t want to live in the magical fairytale worlds of Disney or Pixar movies? Disney’s Dreamlight Valley will soon open its doors, as our neighbors will all be familiar no matter if we are new residents.

Following the example of the awesome game Animal Crossing, Disney has also revealed its very own life simulator. The residents of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley will be the heroes of our favorite fairy tales, but it’s ok to beware, bad guys lurk in the area too. While the first objective of the game will be to create the perfect house in the wonderful fairy tale world, in addition to decorating the house and making friends, there will be many mysterious adventures and other things to do.

Accessing a free business model, Disney’s Dreamlight Valley won’t officially launch until 2023, but this summer we can get a taste of the adventures. The Early Access version is open to those who purchase the Founder’s Pack, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also have access.

The game will be available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and later for iOS mobile devices and Nintendo Switches.

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