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Defending the title in Debrecen’s chaotic, waterfall-filled World Cup round – with photos
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Defending the title in Debrecen’s chaotic, waterfall-filled World Cup round – with photos

Like on eggs

The main race consisted of 16 races, each race had 6-8 competitors, depending on the announcement, pulling gas for 6 laps. It is strange to a spectator accustomed to the droning of engines that competitors stop the gas long before the turn, and take turns with buffalo-powered irons as if they were walking on eggs. (Dirt bikes with rear brake removed.)

Spectators visiting the Perényi Pál Salakmotor Stadion witnessed many falls, the worst of which was that of the Spaniard Eric Revert, who rose to the highest level in the fourth round: in one of the turns, his steering wheel broke, so his bike literally threw him. The Spanish man who was wandering around the pore was taken by ambulance to hospital, where he was found to have suffered a broken hand and collarbone.

After the main race, it was followed by the Hope Race, where drivers who finished 11-20th, including Svidek and Italian Daniele Tonelli, qualified for the 12-driver, 10-lap final.

Source: Annamarie Case

Rebooted three times

Matteo Poncinelli, who also started the dirt bike race on Saturday, was present at the start and finished eighth. This time he pulled the gas for the win, and was in a huge battle with American Sammy Halpert, but the outside pilot pushed him up into one of the corners. Of course, the final was immediately interrupted, but Halpert could only watch the new beginning from behind the barrier, because he had been disqualified.

After repeated starts, Frenchman Sebastien Jeanpierre threw the engine, but as soon as the iron was taken off him, even if he was dragging his feet, he returned to the starting line for the second restart. Poncinelli was unlucky again, as German Marcus Gilles fiddled with his bike on the pavement in the corner after inexplicably falling, and Poncinelli’s only way out after catching him on the next lap was to slide. The Italian went berserk, and the German lost his mind, even when he was, quite rightly, left out.

The fourth start followed, and Poncinelli pushed himself forward again, amidst warm applause from the spectators, and went around Spaniard Gerard Bailo, the leader until that time, and won by a street, defending his title from last year onwards. Bailo and Krajkovic.

Podium winners: Gerard Bailo (from left), Matteo Poncinelli and Ervin Krajkovic
Source: Annamarie Case

The Hungarian rivals finished well on the field, but nothing more can be expected from their performance against the best in the world.

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