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Cult of the Week Favorite: Fantastic Mushrooms, the Netflix documentary about mushrooms, is more exciting than a Marvel movie

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For the past few days, I’ve been telling all my friends that they need to watch Fantastic Fungi on Netflix, but none of them have. On top of that, this movie was on our list for months before we finally got ourselves in between the two holidays. I’ve been under his spell ever since, and I still say this movie isn’t just about mushrooms, it helps solve the stifling reality of human mortality and even climate anxiety.

I realize that my friends’ eyebrows are somewhat legit when I talk about a documentary about mushrooms with excessive reverence. But the thing is, I’ve seen a beautiful, understandable movie and only as much as is absolutely necessary in the Netflix world a long time ago, so I kept feeling like other people should watch it.

As a normal human, I haven’t thought much yet about how important mushrooms are to building our world. Of course, we’re hearing more and more that our stomachs are our second brains and that trees communicate with each other smarter than we might first think, but so far the picture hasn’t come together of how this relates to fungi.

Fantastic fungi

Unconsciously beautifully filmed, Netflix Dock uses time-lapse videos to show why the fungus pie, the sum of the cellular filaments of fungi, can be considered the stomach of the Earth. The series of papers reveals a world in the easiest possible way, stitched together with personal stories, and in which, as well as some researchers, some blind mushroom whims (yes, there are some) have gained insight only so far.

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Honestly, the winds of blind mushroom madness struck me while watching the movie, and I felt like I wanted to read more about it and hear it more deeply, but at least I began to breed in a nearby forest, because the magic sentence was said in the movie: We don’t have to go to remote and exotic landscapes for amazing varieties, the magical world of mushrooms is everywhere under our feet.

Fantastic fungi

In addition to our admiration for special types of mushrooms – glow-in-the-dark, swirling around the net, sparkling like a cloud – all the way from the level of detail to some quasi-philosophical universal conclusion.

Mushrooms break down substances at the end of their lives, allowing nature to spread, and they also have the ability to give birth to a new life. On the one hand, it is very disturbing to see passing on the screen on rushing shots of dead bodies, withered plants buried by mushrooms, and then the earth would be equal to previous life, but on the other hand, there is something incredibly reassuring in how we slowly come to understand it during the film: This decay is also a condition for the birth of a new life.

In addition, the film reveals that a complex and secret universe of fungi is at work under our feet: fungal cell lines, like the Internet or neural pathways in the human body, are constantly connected and able to communicate with each other.

Moreover, there is a scientific theory that says In the process of becoming a human, psychedelic mushrooms may have played a major role, because the development of kinesthetic thinking may be caused by the consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms, that is, this may be a prerequisite for the development of human language. Sure, it’s a theory, but after watching the movie, sure Mushrooms and bell peppers are only a small part of the reason why these organisms and plants should be respected and known.

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Fantastic fungi

Not only does fungi seem to have played an essential role in evolution and history, but they are also a lifesaver for the future. Their amazing diversity and untapped potential will still greatly help humanity. For example, hallucinogenic mushrooms are used as part of clinical treatments for common diseases such as cancer or depression. Even some mushroom varieties are suitable for oil degradation, so they may play a major role in global warming. but that is not all. Once humanity disappears in the distant future, there will still be mushrooms, so there will be new life. Being an anxious climate, this thought has helped me through many difficult moments recently.

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