Could they have found a solution to melt the glaciers?

Could they have found a solution to melt the glaciers?

Chinese scientists say it helps to cover glaciers with huge sheets to slow their melting.

The 500 square feet of Dagu Glacier in Sichuan Province in northwest China was covered with ecological fabric in August by researchers at the Northwest Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

After two and a half months, the scientists found it

One meter less disappearance of the covered area than the exposed area.

According to researcher Vang Fej-teng, the study proved that the panels are able to block solar radiation and prevent heat exchange on the surface of the glacier.

According to the expert, in recent years, global climate change has increased the rate of melting of glaciers around the world. Smaller glaciers up to 1 square kilometer in size may soon disappear completely without human intervention.

Meanwhile, scientists around the world are focusing on changing glaciers,

Focusing on mechanisms of change and paying relatively little attention to possible solutions to prevent melting of glaciers

he added.

Chinese experts will continue to test their way of preventing heat on other glaciers in China, which have already been hit hard by climate change and are important destinations for tourism.

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