Close to re-opening, and the summer season is not missing a new word


Although we don’t yet know when tourism can resume, he may not seem overly optimistic about our ability to organize our vacation or trip in May with virtually no risk – for a summer or fall date.

There have also been reports of loosening from Turkey

There have also been reports of loosening from Turkey

There are still many question marks, but for sure – people want to travel. Even if a vaccine passport becomes a requirement this year, and even if some epidemiological rules (such as wearing a mask in some places) remain alive. True, a lot depends on when the necessary part of the population can be vaccinated (in the European Union, this is planned at the end of June and July), and whether, for example, by May and June, everyone who needs it will have access to the vaccine. As vaccination grows, opening news increases, more and more countries are opening their borders to tourists – there will also be a lot of competition, as everyone wants to attract the foreign guests they missed last year, and that’s definitely good news.

Not only has people increased their optimism, but news of recent days also indicates that the opening is approaching.

The first is news in Hungary about accommodation reservations: With the Easter season approaching, the number of bookings provided is approaching, according to the Hungarian Tourism Agency. In January, 100,000 new guest nights were registered for the month of April, in February the average number of daily bookings increased by 33%, and by May, 625,000 guest nights had been booked so far. Let’s add that these reservations were made at a time when the news of relaxation was not yet, as the British example shows, once specific dates are announced, a massive increase in bookings will start immediately. Britain announced that the dilution will begin gradually from March 8, and if all goes well, the country’s residents will be able to return almost completely to their previous lives on June 21.

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Likewise, there have been reports of dilution from Turkey (one of the few countries where tourists have been admitted all the way – although this requires a negative PCR test at the end of the year). The local leadership also chose to phase out, with the first easing to take effect on March 1, including the lifting of the curfew at the weekend (this did not apply to tourists visiting the country, as they were free to move around Turkey at any time).

On the other hand, Poland decided to exempt from quarantine and not pass the negative test of the People’s Republic of China for those who have already been vaccinated, provided that they are citizens of a member state of the European Union (or some other priority countries, including Iceland and Liechtenstein). Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Australia, etc.) or you have a residence permit in one of these countries.

Not only countries but also some companies are planning to start. After months of forced shutdown, Costa Cruises will set sail on March 27. On the first trips of the season, those interested can pay for a cruise to Italy, including Savona, La Spezia, Civitavecchia, Naples, Messina and Cagliari. From May 1, the longest Mediterranean cruises will begin. Of course, the company cannot confirm that it has introduced new safety standards to reduce the chances of infection. Needless to say, you can only get on board with a negative test. support

We are exposed to a lot of news from different portals and it is not easy to identify the real and fake news. This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with websites that provide reliable and accurate information.

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