Big surprise, Britain defeated Viheroru

Surprisingly, Britain defeated the Belarusian team 4-3 on Wednesday in the group stage of the World Men’s Hockey Championship in Riga, while Canada beat Norway 4-2.

Britain will also not be the winner of this year’s World Cup (Photo: AFP)


Belarus were still at a disadvantage at the end of the first half, and although they were able to equalise, they had already turned in the final third with the Briton’s 3-1 lead. More than 12 minutes from the end, Britain consolidated its lead to a three-goal goal, but to no avail the match looked smooth, with 2:26 before the bagpipe, Belarus became increasingly distant. Ultimately, the islanders held their advantage, so after defeating the French in 2019, they pulled another big scalp out.

Canada took a lead against Norway in less than 22 seconds, and Adam Henrique scored in the third inning. True, in the second half, the unfavorable Norwegians worked in just over a minute and a half, but the Canadians scored two more goals for the opponent’s goal, winning 4-2.

World Hockey Championship (Riga), day 6
the group

Belarus – Great Britain 3-4 (0-1, 1-2, 2-1)
group b
Canada-Norway 4–2 (2–0, 1-2, 1–0)

the group
Russia-Denmark 3-0 (0-0, 1-0, 2-0)
group b
Kazakhstan-Germany 3–2 (0–0, 1-2, 2–0)

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