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Bathroom renovation –

Bathroom renovation -

When we buy a used property, we often want to shape it to our own taste. But even if the financial framework is narrow, in most cases it is worth spending to renovate the bathroom, since this room is used more easily. Cleanliness can also be an important argument as well as renovation, as we can’t tell how demanding the previous owner(s) was about the bathroom environment. This is where mold can easily form, from which we can fight a long and difficult battle later if we do not get rid of it in time. Let’s see what options we have if we have a small bathroom, as well as how we can make the most of it if our house has a lot of space!

Few places – many possibilities

If you need to renovate a small bathroom, don’t worry, because today there are plenty of practical and smart solutions to choose from. Choose a small, narrow wash-basin or a wash-stand that can be complemented by a large mirror. It is known that the mirror visually increases the space, but only if it is well placed. We can achieve a similar increase in space if we choose light-colored wall and floor coverings. Small patterns are friendly to small rooms. We leave tiles with larger designs for owners of spacious bathrooms. We can have more space if we are satisfied with the shower. And finally, the look of the small bathrooms: radiator with towel dryer. In this way, we kill two birds with one stone: if the heating is equipped with a radiator, then this is also solved, and we do not have to think about where to store the towels in use.

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Water Cycle

high creativity

If our house had a larger bathroom, we could feel lucky, because space doesn’t limit our imaginations. Feel free to choose a comfortable and elegant wash basin that matches your bathtub. A headboard designed for bathtubs can help with this. Built-in shower cabins are not only practical but can also be very showy, as they can be enhanced with glass bricks and various wall coverings with a tropical effect. Thanks to the sprinkler shower systems, you can feel like you’re under rainforest waterfalls when you shower. We can increase the effect if we allow as much natural light as possible into our bathroom, with large windows or with the help of glass bricks. Feel free to experiment with darker shades, even off-the-ground. We can make one wall dominant if we use a wall covering with a large pattern or a different structure.

The favoriteYou can find everything you need to renovate your bathroom, whatever its size!

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