An indication - abroad - more tightening could come in France

An indication – abroad – more tightening could come in France

As hospital indicators for the coronavirus epidemic in France approach the height of the autumn wave and experts are pressing for more restrictions, President Emmanuel Macron does not want to change the government’s so-called “third passenger” strategy yet, but he has not ruled it out. near future More emphasisIn – MTI writes.

The third wave, resulting from a more contagious viral variant in the United Kingdom, differs from the previous two waves mainly in that, since the spread of infection is very different geographically, hospital workloads vary by province and deaths are less due to increased vaccination rates However, the proportion of serious patients Higher and their number increases day by day. So far, the government has sought to limit the spread of the British variant by restricting it domestically and speeding up the vaccination campaign, although more and more experts say it has become inevitable. National tightening.

Nothing has been decided yet

Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche Sunday, indicating his readiness for more emphasis. However, it is still considered a good decision not to declare a general quarantine in January after the third wave did not arrive explosively.

In the coming days, we will study the effects of the restrictive measures taken so far and, if necessary, introduce new provisions

The Head of State stressed, without denying that the situation in the country has become critical. In regions where the weekend quarantine came into effect three weeks ago, the proportion of the population is now halved, while rates across the country have risen to an average of 36,000 new cases per week, up 24% from the previous week. Seven. The rate of positive tests is 8 percent and the reproduction rate is 1.18. As usual, the Health Protection Board is meeting before the cabinet meeting on Wednesday to assess measures taken so far and discuss further potential restrictions.

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Hospitals are still caring for fewer patients – about 27,000 – than in the previous two waves, but the number of serious patients had reached the peak of the autumn wave by Sunday. At the time, there were 4,903, and now 4,872, in intensive care units (there were 7,200 at the height of the first wave a year ago). The death toll has surpassed 94,000 since the outbreak began.

The Compared to the previous two closings Currently there are less stringent quarantine measures in 24 of the 100 provinces, affecting 35 percent of the French. Curfews are in effect across the country from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The battle for the next few days is simple. Pragmatism and response to viruses with restrictive measures to protect healthcare workers and those at risk

Macron said in the interview. According to the crisis manager in 41 hospitals in the metropolitan area, a “catastrophic health situation” has arisen in Paris, and there is also a need to prepare for doctors to select patients in order to save as many lives as possible. According to the signatories of an article published in Le Journal du dimanche, “It is already known that the energies will be filled in two weeks.” Of the 12 million vaccines received so far in the country, 7.75 million (11.5 percent) have received the first dose to date, and 2.65 million (4 percent) have received both ingredients.

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