An annoying little thing has been improved with a new update for Ghost of Tsushima on PS5

An annoying little thing has been improved with a new update for Ghost of Tsushima on PS5

Ghost of Tsushima TwitterThe page indicated the arrival of patch 2.0.8, which fixes some minor bugs in the samurai game. One of those things was already annoying in the basic version, that is, the list was filled with beauty equipment very slowly. However, according to the patch notes, this has only been improved in the recently released Director’s Edition for PS5.

If we wanted to rotate Jane’s gear throughout the match, we had to wait 6-7 seconds for them to appear. Well, that might not seem like a big deal when described in this way, but since it’s a huge amount of things, it was pretty hard to look at how those would look for a Mughal Hunt Champion. Many people expected that once Director’s Cut appeared on the PlayStation 5, the problem would immediately disappear due to the SSD, but it didn’t. Now, however, it has been, in principle, “improved at the time of cosmetic shipments” on the PS5.

It may seem strange that such a trifle can only be solved by the studio on the next generation console, but it is not the only “extra” thing in the director’s version. The characters’ mouth movements have been adapted to the English dubbing, so they don’t match the Japanese sound, which can be too confusing for passes. However, the director’s cut has already solved this problem, a According to Sucker Punch Because the PS5’s SSD allows them to adjust mouth movements in real time, while the pre-recorded liners provided previously on the PS4 must be used. And even the English version of these takes up so much space that it hardly fits in the record.

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