According to Steiner, constant entertainment is essential


Sat, May 20, 2023 at 11:19 am


Haas’ team principal enjoyed the hype surrounding the race in Miami, so he thinks it will be needed elsewhere. According to Gunter Steiner, the more classic venues should also be improved in this respect.

The Miami Grand Prix was particularly well-programmed over the weekend, especially on race day, as drivers were introduced to the public in a new way before the starting ceremony. Although this is not supported by the majority of drivers, according to Guenter Steiner, it is a very good direction on the part of F1.

Haas’ team principal thinks so because he believes that in the modern era, fans should get more than basic on-track events, especially in the US, where expectations are higher in this regard.

“I think the entertainment here is much better compared to the old days,” Steiner said of the US organization. “In the past, we raced like cookies. We run one race, we do the next, but there was nothing around it. We meant events just for motorsports fans. Sports, before Liberty Media came along, weren’t that successful in the States. It came to the States.” And then I understood the United States better when I moved here, because I didn’t understand it either before.”

“You have to live here to understand. People want constant entertainment, not just sitting outside and waiting three hours for the next cars to come. They want to do something, consume something. There are concerts and entertainment venues. If you have kids, you want to entertain them, And not sitting in the stands or on the hill.Try telling a 12-year-old that now we have to wait two hours for the cars to come back in. It’s very difficult,” Steiner explained.

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People want more

Steiner believes that the Classic Grand Prix should also catch up to provide better entertainment opportunities for fans, as there is demand for that today. For this, cite a specific site as a positive example.

“F1 is doing a good job now. They are starting to add more fun to the competitions. They are doing the same in the case of Singapore and I think they have done it really well, because the sport is still at the center. There is F1 racing, but there are two high quality concerts on Friday night and Saturday night “I think there’s a good chance that what we call the classic race, where we just go racing and nothing else, will catch up. We’re in 2023 now and people want more.”

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