According to Boris Johnson, transgender women should not compete with women

According to Boris Johnson, transgender women should not compete with women

He also added that he knows that many will not agree with this, but that he is ready to find a solution together.

As elections were being held in Hungary on the first weekend of March, one of the biggest news for Britons was that the International Cycling Union (UCI) had banned a transgender woman from competing in an all-female race.

Originally born Zack Bridges, Emily Bridges started hormone therapy last year, and

It would have been her first bike race as a woman.

On the other hand, the contestants threatened to be boycotted, so something had to be done.

Jusoor last competed as a man in March 2022. He then won the points race at the British University Championship in Glasgow. The BBC also cited two previous races in 2021: he finished only 43rd in the men’s race in May 2021 and finished second in the Welsh Road Race in September.

Then Bridges decided that because she felt like a woman, she preferred competition between women. The International Cycling Union, which controls cycling, has finally decided it

They are not allowed to start the Bridgest in the race.

The CNN writesthat the 21-year-old cyclist claimed to have been in frequent contact with the British Cycling Association and the UCI and provided all evidence that she met the eligibility criteria for transgender cyclists.

He said his testosterone levels had been well below the regulatory limit for the past 12 months.

Bridges said in an Instagram post that he was just an athlete who wanted to race again and then went out against the British press, which he said had been constantly attacked and demonized.

Boris Johnson’s response to all this was when it was Wednesday, March 6th He saidAnd

He does not believe that those who are born men should compete in women’s athletic competitions.

“It may be controversial to say that, but it makes sense to me,” said Johnson, who previously appeared to have had to resign prematurely due to his party service.

“Besides, I think there should be spaces for women – whether it’s hospitals or prisons or locker rooms – that are exclusively for women,” Johnson added, then finished his reasoning by saying, “If anyone has a problem with this, let’s start finding it.” the solution. “

open image: Boris Johnson / Facebook

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