A new concept drawing from Dragon Age 4 has arrived featuring one of the games' eminent characters

A new concept drawing from Dragon Age 4 has arrived featuring one of the games’ eminent characters

Slowly, but slowly, Dragon Age 4 is made, which we hope won’t be threatened by realignments or leadership changes within BioWare. In principle, according to the inside information, the whole game is designed for a story-centered one-person adventure, so fans can be happy. And they might be happy to return to Gray Warden, as evidenced by the concept drawing shared by lead developer Christian Dailey below.

Daily On Twitter Post a photo also showing that they are still referring to the new game as “Dragon Age” on BioWare at this time. Gray Wards played an important and even critical role in the Dragon Age series, especially Dragon Age: Origins, the first part in which the hero was a member, joined him. The arrangement is a group of excellent warriors with special abilities who fight against armies of darkness, dark pawns. It is a truly “progressive” group because, regardless of race, gender, nationality, social class or even criminal background, it accepts anyone in its ranks if it has endowed him with a special talent or ability. From the posted image, it’s hard to judge how far they are in the center in the New Dragon Age, but this warrior is just too bad to play a major role in the game, right?

We’ve already seen Dragon Age 4’s Archer and Magic in the previous photos, and we also know this game will take place on Tevinter. And recently, a Dragon Age 2 writer talked about what the sequel might look like, in which fans share.

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