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A little goes a long way – Economy – News

A little goes a long way – Economy – News

This year also, everyone can freely dispose of 1+1% of their taxes paid. One percent can be donated to an NGO, and another 1 percent can be donated to a faith community or national talent program.

A statement of ownership can be submitted to the net asset value on the tab “23EGYSZA” until May 21, either as part of the return or as a separate statement. The easiest way to get KAÜ ID from 1+1 percent of the company (customer portal, electronic ID card, phone identification, face recognition), In NAV's online packing software maybe.

Donations to the faith community or National Talent Program remain valid. This means that a previously submitted and officially correct declaration is automatically taken into account by the NAV until the bidder indicates another technical number of beneficiaries with a new declaration or withdraws the previous declaration. On the other hand, for civilian beneficiaries, as in previous years, the donation must be made annually.

From January 1, 2024, the officially appropriate return filed for the technical number cannot be taken into account, even if the individual has not filed a personal income tax return by May 20 of the year following the tax year – by May 21, 2024 in the 2024 allotment year or taxable income subject to consolidation Which did not arise based on the declaration submitted.

Taxpayers can indicate in the 1+1 Percentage Declaration that their name and contact information may be disclosed to the civil beneficiary designated by the NAV. Consent to data management and inclusion of data in the statement is voluntary and is not a requirement for the validity of the judgment.

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Regarding the adoption and addition of the draft tax declaration and the text of 1+1% on the website for the net asset value Step by Step Informational and video Also available.

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