American mugs are a rather rare sight in Europe, where they are by definition not made for the ways of the old continent, but for North America. On the other hand, in the French PKM Logistique, the international LoneStar has recently appeared, which carries out normal transfers, even if its license plate is French – pointed out the Polish

Interestingly, the model itself is not considered a common phenomenon in the United States either. The large irons, reminiscent of 1940s saddles, are manufactured by Navistar International in Ohio and Mexico. Its value is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the 2016 model with more than 800,000 km mileage sells for 17 million HUF in Canada, but the 1 million km version also costs more than 16 million HUF.

This Amcsi beak travels the roads of Europe 1

LoneStart is usually chosen by drivers who run small businesses of 2-5 people. Because of her appearance, she obviously has a high status and can be considered a kind of flagship if the company has such a specialty. Of course, as with all North American cabs, the LoneStar also offers unparalleled driver comfort. The cabin is equipped with a wardrobe, a small fold-out table, double armchairs and a microwave oven.

Of course, comfort and appearance aren’t the only things that matter with an American Nib, but also the type of resource it works with. LoneStart is powered by Cummins’ X15 engine, which is available in 400-605 hp versions, according to information on the manufacturer’s website. The most powerful version can deliver up to 2,775 Nm of torque, so it has plenty of power. The engine sound can also be heard in the video below of a LoneStar with French license plates. Along with this and the spectacle, LoneStar’s presence in Europe is more than special, not only for those who love beaked whales, but also for those who don’t particularly like them.

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