A black hole may be hiding at the edge of the solar system

A black hole may be hiding at the edge of the solar system

A hidden source of gravity outside Pluto launched the search for a possible ninth planet. Some astronomers now believe it may have been a black hole from the Big Bang, providing a rare glimpse into the early universe, according to the New Scientist journal. Orego.

According to the article, behind the massive planets of the outer solar system is a vast cosmic wasteland.

Most astronomers believe that an icy world as small as Pluto is occupied by them, and several groups are involved in tracking these dwarf planets. Some believe that there is something bigger lurking out there, a planet many times the mass of the Earth.

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This hypothetical world called Planet Nine is believed to betray its existence by aligning its gravity with the orbits of small icy bodies there. The problem is that no one can imagine how a large enough planet could form farther from the sun. All they know is that there is a planet of a certain mass, and they cannot know what an object is.

But if it wasn’t a planet, then what? Jacob Schultz, theorist at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom, suspects that something could be more strange, an ancient black hole formed in the Big Bang. If you were right, that would be a great find. Ancient black holes open a new window into the early universe.

It may also contain dark matter, which is the mysterious matter that binds galaxies together.

All this explains why cosmologists in the universe are searching for these. But no one dared to dream of the possibility of finding someone “around our home”. The question now is to determine what exactly is this hidden source of gravity at the edge of the solar system?

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