Zsombor Berecz is once again at the forefront of the European Finnding Championships

Zsombor Berecz is once again at the forefront of the European Finnding Championships

Halfway through the race, after six races, Zsombor Berecz again took the lead at Finnding European Championships in Portugal.

The Olympic class, world champion 2018, the Hungarian sailors, who reached Filmora as defending champion, ranked sixth and seventh in the two races on Wednesday, knocked out of tenth place on Tuesday, four points ahead of Olympic champion and four-time world champion Giles Scott until the British won the race this afternoon. Wednesday. True, Scott was only 12th in the morning, and there was still the 37th place from the first day to be knocked out.

According to the Hungarian Association, it also shows that steady and balanced performance can be successful in such a large and strong field.

Tuesday’s star is 22-year-old Spaniard Joan Cardona, who, after winning two successive races, chose a black-flag elimination in his first race on Wednesday and finished 17th in the afternoon. At the moment, he is in third place.

The difference between the top four winners in the boat is only eight points. It is a favorite of Zsombor Berecz that even if all the planned races are organized, only one result can be pronounced,

And he, unlike his biggest opponent, does not yet have a Out of Ten race result.

In Wednesday’s races, winds blew slightly stronger than 8-12 knots compared to Tuesday, and the Portuguese Maritime Meteorological Service on Thursday forecast another increase in winds, with southwesterly winds reaching 21 knots of storms. .

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