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Zsolt Árpád Mészáros: So far I have endured the abusive behavior of my superiors and what happens in the theater system today

Zsolt Árpád Mészáros: So far I have endured the abusive behavior of my superiors and what happens in the theater system today

According to him, theater has not been the same as it was in its heyday for a long time.

This is the most important thing After 23 years, he is leaving the Operettszínház, he announced on his social media at the weekend. In his decision, he pointed to the lack of confident and complete interest from the current administration and the professional dispute between them. the actor I looked for him Blake also spoke to the newspaper in more detail about his departure.

I turned 50 on Saturday, and it was the saddest birthday of my life. In recent years, my situation in the theater has become more and more hopeless, so I decided, like many others, to say goodbye to the operetta stage for the sake of my health, the health of my family and my peace of mind. Many of my colleagues had left the stage before me, some quietly, some loudly. I have spent almost half of my life on the operetta stage, always serving the audience with humility, regardless of the political situation. I've put my life on the line, even pushed my family to the background several times because of it, but so far I've put up with the abusive behavior of my bosses and what happens in today's theater system

He says. He adds that it has happened several times that roles were handed over to those “loyal to the administration” at the last minute, according to Meszaros, as it is not possible to work in this way.

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“Lately, I and many of my colleagues have felt that the management somehow knows every word we say. I no longer dare to hug my colleagues and openly discuss the problems inside the theater building, because we constantly feel the presence of the secret police.”

According to him, the theater is no longer the same as it was in its heyday a long time ago, and his problem is not with the members of the administration, but rather with their “professional lack of interest and disinterest.”

Zsolt Árpád Mészáros is not worried, he ensures his livelihood in other ways:

I also have roles outside of operetta, my new album is coming out soon, and if it's impossible for me not to do any theater work at all, I'll be able to manage our living. I struggled for two years, but after making this decision, I was finally able to sleep well for the first time in many years. Of course, I've already received hints from management that I shouldn't make it up, but I'm not afraid.

He also added to Blake that he had been trying to talk to management about his future since the beginning of the season, but had faced a lack of interest.

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