Lamb sextuplets were born in the UK

A young farmer in the Welsh county of Merionidd witnessed a special event when one of the ewe he was caring for gave birth to six healthy lambs.

Sheep usually give birth to one to three offspring. Its owner is 20 years old Erin Fleur McNaught According to him, the children are healthy. Based on previous veterinary examinations, it was already suspected that the expectant mother would bear three offspring, and based on the size of her abdomen, it was suggested that she was carrying more lambs, he writes. BBC.

McNutt’s grandfather had never seen so many offspring from a single ram, even though he had been raising sheep for 70 years.

Only one of the six brothers needed a little help, he kept warm for a while in the house near the fireplace. Of course, it would be stressful for the mother to feed so many hungry mouths, so help the young farmer feed the lambs with milk.

“They’re all on their feet now, their tummies are full of milk and they’re being heated up by the infrared light, so they’re all happy,” said McNutt. “The fact that they all survived is very rare. And that all six lambs are healthy is very special.”

In terms of their breed, the animals are the Bluefaced Leicester sheep, which were bred in the British Isles.

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