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Your horoscope for the weekend, January 13-14, 2024.

Your horoscope for the weekend, January 13-14, 2024.

On Saturday, it takes a lot of effort not to get involved in endless arguments. Sunday, on the other hand, brings peace, calm, and finally clear communication. This weekend's horoscope is from astrologer Ágnes Székelyhidi.


You will tend to hurt yourself and criticize yourself this weekend. It's okay to be dissatisfied, because it can motivate you enough. But if you overdo it, you lose interest in everything. It's better to take a long walk and clear your mind.


Your Saturday looks very busy. Try to slow down and relax! There is no point in quarreling with acquaintances and strangers. On Sunday, Mercury's entry into Capricorn will help you clearly say what frustrates you. Or listen. You can decide…



Again, resilience is what gets you over obstacles. Be flexible even on the weekend and you won't be disappointed. On Sunday, your planet Mercury enters Capricorn, which is good news because you calm down and can listen more wisely. That's great of you.

According to weekend horoscopes, Saturday brings quarrels, and Sunday brings reconciliation (Image: Shutterstock)


You can't stop on Saturday: you're still spinning at your usual pace during the week. But according to the planets, Sunday will bring calm. Moreover, thanks to Pisces, you will be in your element. You can do a water program: bath, sauna, etc.


It would be wise not to take your work problems with you to the weekend, because you will not be able to rest on Saturday. The next day will be easier for you. Depending on the appropriate lighting angles, you can relax yourself and finally be able to recharge your energy.

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You will be well affected by the fact that Mercury enters Capricorn on Sunday. Before that, it can still bother you that some people put weeks and months together. But then, you rightly expect everyone to be specific, which is manageable and reassuring for you.


Beware of spending on something the childish part desires on Saturday! According to heavenly processes, you will regret buying unnecessary things. It seems that there is no longer any danger on Sunday, because sanity will prevail.

the scorpion

According to a very disturbing angle of light, you may be involved in a family dispute on Saturday if you cannot remain passive. One of your relatives is waiting for your reaction and will immediately jump in. If you can bear it, the discomfort of Sunday will disappear.


As angry as you can be on Saturday, you can be relaxed on Sunday. Realize that it's not the weather or people that cause this, but whether or not you react. How you react to what is happening around you. Around you, not with you!


You can be happy that Mercury enters Capricorn on Sunday, because not only you, but also others will be able to focus on this topic. It bothers you when someone keeps rambling and forgets the original question, problem or topic.


You should sleep until Saturday. It will be easier to avoid conflict this way. An inconsistent light angle indicates this. On Sunday, you will be more balanced and peaceful. Then no one can throw it out of harmony.

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Sunday will be your day. Focus on that and don't let anyone poison your soul and/or thoughts with rumors and conspiracy theories on Saturday! You have to take care of yourself, because no one can do it for you.

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