Winter Fashion : 5 “Must Have” Pieces For Men

If you have not noticed the weather change, I am pretty sure your wardrobe has not made a change either.We are officially leaving Fall 2016 in the past and approaching the winter season with style. Whether you are “Ballin’ cause you got a block” or balling on a budget, Before you head to your favorite store or online shop, here are a few MUST HAVE items for the fellas.

1.) The Leather Jacket.

When shopping for the right leather jacket for you, there are definitely multiple routes you can take. Leather jackets can range anywhere between $1,000 to $75 if you are looking for good quality and comes in many different styles. You have to consider zippers, pockets, buckles, cuts, and even the right size. The more metal on the jacket, the more it will cost. You do not want your jacket to be too small. Most likely you are going to want to wear the casual hoodie or crew neck underneath. You do not want it to be too big to where it makes you look sloppy because that is the last thing we want. For college students on a budget, H&M or Macy’s would be a great choice to find a quality jacket in your budget. This item is number one on the list because it has the ability to make a boring outfit a little bit more swaggy and also gives an edgy look. The last thing, the more you wear your leather jacket, the better it looks. Trust Me. If you are not sure about the weather in your area, try getting dressed without a jacket or coat and grab it as you leave out the door.

2.) Basic Crew Neck Sweater

We have been wearing crew necks and hoodies since we were unable to walk, but it is time to grow up. Choosing the right crew neck can be vital because let’s say it get’s to hot at the event you are attending and it causes you to remove your jacket or coat. The crew neck is now the piece that everyone sees’s first. Choosing a basic black crew neck is cool, but quite boring. Let’s try stepping out of the comfort zone and go for a burnt yellow or try everybody’s overnight favorite colors of olive-green or burgundy. You want the crew neck to be simple, but make a statement at the same time. The best places to find this item would be or at a Forever21 that carries men items. also carries dope crew necks or you can check your local Wal-Mart if you are budgeting, but still want to remain in style. Do not let anyone tell you where to shop. Just a reminder that it is not about the clothes, but it is about how you wear them.

3.) Dark Wash/Light Wash Jean

We are killing the skinny jeans vs straight leg jeans debate today!

It is my greatest pleasure to officially inform you guys that this is a new era. Please leave the baggy, hard starched, fresh from the cleaner jeans in the early 2000’s. Not saying that you have to go the skinny jean route because they are definitely not for everybody, but stores do offer slim fit jeans that fit better than your soulful Levi 501’s. When trying on jeans you have to make sure they are comfortable when worn correctly. That means when they are pulled up to your waist with a belt for the fellas that still sag in 2016.  Also, jeans now come with rips, zippers, holes, patches, and different washes. It is vital to choose the correct wash color when finding something to wear. Dark jeans do not go with everything and the same thing for medium or light washed jeans. It is okay to mix and match if you know what you are doing, but until then try wearing dark jeans with drake clothes and lighter jeans with light clothes just until you get the hang of things.

4.) Chelsea Boots

To all the fellas that are single, did you know that your shoes can determine if you will be in a relationship or not?

Studies have shown that when a woman meets a man for the first time, one of the first three assets she looks at are his shoes. Ladies, is this true?

The winter time calls for dark closed toe shoes and boots. The most popular boot since 2015 has been the Chelsea boot. These boots can range from $3,000 to 50$, but they are genuinely all great quality. They come in suede or leather both real or faux and also have varies colors and styles depending on the brand. When first starting off, a black or brown pair is suggested because they have the ability to go with any other color and also can make your outfit more “Adult-ish” rather than Jordan’s or Nike’s. If you are more of a chill type of guy, go for the leather joints, but if you are a guy that is always on the go, suede is more for you.

When wearing leather boots, you are taking the risk of scratching them up at a party or on the sidewalk which could make or break the shoe. If you are wearing the suede joints, no matter how much you wear them, they usually look better with time. This option is completely your choice, but this is just advice from experience.

The first official day of Winter is not until December 21st. That gives you guys a few days to prepare for the new year. Follow a few of these tips and I can guarantee you a swaggy Holiday Season.

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    To participate a formal party you always need a good dress. For me, I love wearing a dress red. It makes me look sexy and it’s comfortable.

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