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Winning over Canada in the World Cup!

Winning over Canada in the World Cup!

On Thursday, the members of the Hungarian national football team began fighting again in the B Division of the FIFA U-19 World Championship. We got off to a great start as they landed a landslide victory in Wednesday’s game against New Zealand so they could confidently look forward to today’s duel against Canada. The goal was the same: to grab the two points. And it worked again!

Martin Strick – utanpotlassport.huThe World Championships for Girls U-19 in St. Gallen and Herisau, Switzerland, has reached its second day, as the Hungarian national team, one of the hockey strongholds – the “big brother” of sport, competed for two more points after beating New Zealand yesterday. Against Canada.


The Hungarian girls’ team started the tournament well

We started the Swiss World Cup with confidence. In their first match in the lower division (Division B), they beat New Zealand 5 szép1 with a nice game, which brought them one step closer to the ascent, as the two best teams in Group D grappled with the top two teams in the first leg.

The aged Hungarian national team pulled out of the upper division (Division A) at the sixth world event in 2014, then marched all the way to the semi-finals two years ago, with Germany, which later fought for the promotion, as the final destination. (Interestingly, the German national team lost its first match in this year’s championship, compared to 29-0, against five-time world champions Sweden, and then also lost to the Czech Republic, 7 round2, in the second round).

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The last time we advanced to the top division in 2010, the girls did everything undefeated, despite only four teams competing for promotion. This year’s goal is the same, the Hungarian players came on the field against the Canadian national team knowing it, and started the game well: we went ahead in the third minute.

Then the superiority, which resulted in three minutes into the second half, increased with two goals next to Hungary’s name on the scoreboard. A quick goal change followed: in the 12th minute, the team from the American continent was beautified with a goal kick, then after a few seconds we increased the advantage, and by the end of the second quarter the score had changed to 4-1, so we can confidently wait for the final season.

Long in his hair, the teams didn’t seem to find a hole in the net, but the Canadians launched a final attack shortly before the end to save points and reduce the Hungarian lead to two points again with a sold-out penalty. Then the goal production started: one goal, one goal another, but neither side had time to make many attacks, so the final score of 5‒3 was formed, with which our target jumped to the top of the group.

Group D, match two (Heriseau, Switzerland)
Hungary – Canada 5‒3 (1‒0, 3‒1, 1‒1)
Frame of the Hungarian U-19 Girls National Team: Goalkeepers: Anna Godak, Anna Ratch, Field players: Blanca Benio, Zovia Virtuszugi, Anna Fulope, Esther Galambos, Esther Gunzi, Petra Maguar, Enniki Nancy, Dora Nergis, Greta O’Dor, Kinga Oravisz, Ketebes, Studs, Bucks Anna, Tothbet Marcela Anna, Tori Kovatz Catalin Coach: Zsuzsanna Varsányi

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The last team match in the World Championships. Friday, May 4, 7 p.m.: Hungary – Russia

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