Vodafone customers are having tough days

Vodafone customers are having tough days

July 24-28. between the In Vodafone Hungary The company told MTI on Monday that the service will be renewed for customers with a mobile subscription, so many sales and management operations will be available to a limited extent during this period.

Vodafone customers are having tough days. Photo: shutterstock

The development and technical transition will affect both online and offline management platforms, but not the basic mobile and fixed services, Internet and television.

Posted by: The MyVodafone app will also not work during this period, as a result of which self-service management related to billing, mobile payments and mobile purchases will be temporarily suspended..

As written, customers cannot change their subscriptions during this period, so they can change tariff plans and handling equipment (Service, device replacement, claims settlement, new insurance) wouldn’t be possible either.

This will allow you to pay your mobile phone bill

Payments for due mobile service charges can be settled by bank transfer and postal check payment, mobile payment will not be possible.

From the beginning and end of the planned development, service provider Notify your customers via SMS and email. They said that Vodafone’s phone customer service and stores will be open and operable during the system transition.

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