UNCF HBCU Innovation Summit Doing More Then Apple & Google to Diversify Tech Industry

1-LZRgHCNp_c1dJKiHz5AaUwFacebook, Google and Apple all released their diversity reports which clearly showed a gap in representation by people of color within each and every company.

So, is it there are very few people of color with engineer or tech degree’s?

Maya Beasley, professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut, says that’s not the case. She compares Google’s workforce numbers, released by the company in 2014 and 2015 with the realities of graduation rates across the company and points out there are some major discrepancies.

“Google’s numbers [from their diversity report] are really small in number,” Beasley told NBCBLK. “When you mash those numbers and look at the number of people of color graduating with a bachelor in electrical engineering or have an MBA, it does not begin to add up.”

Beasley shared statistics from the National Science Foundation to illustrate the reality. The numbers show that 8.9 percent of the 212,215 underrepresented minorities under 45 with a masters or bachelor’s degree in computer science or math (as their highest degree) are unemployed.

Those numbers are in stark contrast to the only 2.3 percent of the 190,533 white men with those degrees unemployed. ( Read More at NBCNEWS)

Apple is in the same boat. Apple is 32 percent female, 9 percent black and 12 percent Hispanic — a single percentage point increase in each category from last year, according to the report. The company also said it made stronger progress with new hires: Out of a global workforce of 125,000, 37 percent of new hires in the last 12 months were women. Out of a U.S. workforce of 80,000, 27 percent of hires came from underrepresented minority groups in the last year. That’s a 6 percent increase from three years ago. (Read More at Washington Post)

Then what is it?

Why are these multi million dollars companies with unlimited resources struggling to diversify their work force? After investing millions into these HBCU programs and initiatives how are they ending each year with little to no change.

It appears their plan is to slowly sprinkle people of color within the tech industry over some extended time frame and to call it progress, as if it was some huge undertaking.

In the meantime UNCF gets to workHBCU-Website-Logo-UNCF

UNCF has hosted the UNCF HBCU Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley for the past three years.

And the participates are transitioning within the tech industry within Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas, Portland, Oregon and Seattle Washington.HBCU-Summit-11_17_15_02-Copy

 “Techies” from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), are getting opportunities to show off their talents in their desired field and connections are being made.

118 Students from over 25 HBCUs participated in the 2014 & 2015 summit 93% of the students are computer science, engineering and information technology majors. Of those 118 HBCU techies, 30 respondents are now interning or working full time at Tech Companies in the United States. (Read more at Hackernoon)

Visit UNCF to sign up for next years UNCF HBCU Innovation Summit, take advantage of every opportunity put before you.





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