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This time, the delivery man’s package did not reach its destination without interruption

This time, the delivery man’s package did not reach its destination without interruption

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The person responsible for delivery Controversial series. It is pointless for it to offer items that can be enjoyed in detail, if it suffers from a large number of bugs. The initial momentum of world and character building was soon broken by several storytelling missteps. the Conscious comment of disbelief And it is difficult in the case of production that deals with its rules in a malicious way. spoiler review.

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Netflix trusts Korean content for a reason. One of the most successful song series in recent years, Earn your life It’s certainly written itself in the history of the broadcast-watching competition at home, too. No wonder, then, that at the beginning of 2023 the service provider It was bought for a huge sum Korean made products.

Black Knight Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 in Black Knight Cr. Kim Jin-young / Netflix © 2023

The person responsible for delivery (black knight), however, may be a relative override. the from webcomic A series that has become a series that bleeds from a thousand wounds. At the same time, action movie fans who are passionate about dystopia and post-apocalyptic environments will find items to enjoy. It’s a shame the writers tried to spoil their fun, too.

The person responsible for delivery

The story takes place in the year 2071, after a meteorite hit the Earth’s oxygen concentrator. According to the story, only 1% of the population of the Korean Peninsula survived the impact. And the survivors, who are organized into a class system, try to survive as expected by high-ranking figures of this kind. Refugees roam and pillage, and the middle class is in relative prosperity at the cost of hardship. And the rich, of course, abound in natural and material goods, in a luxurious environment deprived of others.

black knight Cr. Kim Jin-young / Netflix © 2023

Deliveries play a major role in supplying the population, delivering their vital packages through deserts and thieves. Of these, Courier 5-8 (Kim Woo-Bin) stands out, who is considered a minor celebrity and role model among the refugees. The main character, a young refugee Sa-Wol (Kang You-Seok), is also looking forward to the courier. The artificially generated classes, the impermeability between the social classes, and the role of the deliverers, as usual, lead to conflicts. However, who will survive in an environment lacking in oxygen will be achieved through many battles.

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Fast delivery

The person responsible for delivery Even at first glance, it puts a lot of emphasis on the visuals. Resplendent in red hues, the desert exteriors are atmospheric, just as the fashion design and collections add so much to the atmosphere. Even if it doesn’t compete with movie productions, it does result in a spectacle that can be enjoyed on a TV level. However, the quality of the effects and the bulkiness of the editing can sometimes pull the viewer out of the flow of the previous program.

Black Knight Esom as Seol-ah in Black Knight Cr. Kim Jin-young / Netflix © 2023

On top of that, all the troubles culminate in one of the series’ most memorable scenes.

The person responsible for delivery The CGI stands out strongly in the car race at the halfway point, and the editing also tries to confuse the viewers’ spatial orientation as much as possible. So an action-packed sequence would be in vain if the experience died due to the series’ weaknesses. By the way, action scenes are usually chopped to the bone several times over the already choreographed fights. However, one test of the new submission candidates, team wrestling, stands out from the series even with all its flaws and awkward slowdowns.

The person responsible for delivery Another major problem is that it is presented as post-apocalyptic sci-fi, but often breaks its own rules. Because in an environment that is essentially anoxic, the characters act as if everything is perfectly fine. But even their hair is perfectly dyed in all conditions.

So the background is largely just an excuse for the visuals and atmosphere.

Authenticity or credibility immediately finds itself in trouble. So it’s worth treating the science background loosely, as it does in the series, and viewing it as dystopian fantasy surrounded only by science fiction elements. And, in fact, it doesn’t show anything original that would make the end result memorable. Neither the environment nor conflicts are above templates. But even the social system and the black and white worldview do not contain exclusivity.

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He’s a little wrinkly, can he stay?

Not only the action scenes, but also the general editing of the series leaves much to be desired. Sometimes it feels like it was originally made as a feature film and it may just have been decided to be serialized in post-production. This is particularly evident at the end of each episode, when the action is cut short mid-scene, with a comic-style finale. Of course, this can be a functional tool in itself, however The person responsible for delivery It’s hard not to think otherwise. The feeling is made stronger by the strange disproportion that appears on many levels.

Black Knight Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 in Black Knight Cr. Kim Jin-young / Netflix © 2023

Tonally, he sometimes swings too high between childish humor and dark social sketch.

Or they provide important information in hindsight that could have contributed to a better understanding of the story. And to make the plot world more diverse. At the same time, the only six-episode series seems to build up slowly at the same time, and at other times is inexplicably rushed.

The Black Knight (L to R) Esom as Seol-ah, Kang You-seok as Sa-wol in Black Knight Cr. Kim Jin-young / Netflix © 2023

One-dimensional characters carved from thick molds don’t quite serve the series’ interests either. Who will we meet? Charismatic Handsome Boy: Although Kim Woo-Bin is an eye catcher, the story didn’t really require him to show off his acting qualities. A goofy, learnable good boy: In the image of Sa-Wol, we get a likable character, but there are no surprises in his appearance. Not even though the role affects his person. Good Guy’s Clumsy Side Novels: The chubby cartoonish sidekicks seem to only serve to make the protagonist feel more competent. Next to them, the good man’s sister with a military background, who has fully recovered, and the power-hungry evil, evil, appear. So everything is presented for a good TV mini-series. However, due to his playing time The person responsible for deliveryHe has no chance of being a TV series. However, what the writers do at the end of the game amounts to a failed assassination attempt.

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Sorry, wrong address

The person responsible for delivery Because, unfortunately, it contains only traces of attractive elements. Its positive message is that it portrays the Couriers as heroes in the midst of pandemics and any other humanitarian crisis. And for that, we really can’t thank them enough. On the other hand The person responsible for delivery It also includes a very strong anti-establishment message.

Black Knight Song Seung-heon as Ryu Seok in Black Knight Cr. Kim Jin-young / Netflix © 2023

The way Epilogue’s anti-vaccination message unfolds, for example, is rather tasteless. Although the characters’ actions can be interpreted within the context of the series, the main message is the following:

  • There is a powerful villain who uses vaccines for his own nefarious purposes.
  • With his work, he forces the Good Boys to dissuade people from getting vaccinated.

Insofar as this works within the fictional world shown, it could easily be framed outside of it and promote harmful conspiracy theories.

Back to sender

In any case, The person responsible for delivery It could have been a better series. But, unfortunately, neither the shooting of the action scenes, nor the editing, nor the writing worked. The running of the story is mostly devoid of any tension, and the two exciting plot elements don’t have enough to make it memorable. Its social image, or miserable environment, is very familiar and contains little new. In addition to its meticulously measured good elements, it also carries a harmful message. If it’s a Korean sci-fi/dystopia, A.J A sea of ​​calmor that space brooms It might be a better option. But the potential was also here.

The Deliveryman Season 1

black knight

Sci-fi / dystopia

6 episodes

Premiere: 05/12/2023

Channel: Netflix

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