This may have been Christina Applegate’s last awards ceremony as an actor

According to Christina Applegate, this was her last exposure as an actor.

Christina Applegate He appeared at the 2023 SAG Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, where he said it would likely be his last awards show as an actor.

Christina Applegate and her daughter Sadie Grace at the SAG Awards. (Photo: Emma McIntyre/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

“This will probably be my last gig as an actor, so it’s a pretty big deal.” Applegate told the Los Angeles Times in an interview published Feb. 7. “At the moment, I can’t even imagine getting up at 5 in the morning and spending 12-14 hours on the shoot. added the 51-year-old star, who revealed in 2021 that he has multiple sclerosis. Since revealing she has MS, the actress has avoided public appearances, last appearing on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November, where she was awarded a star.

Applegate is a file dead to me in the Netflix comedy Jane Harding He was nominated for an award for his portrayal, his sixth SAG nomination. The Hollywood veteran told the Los Angeles Times that while he wants to take a break from acting, he plans to continue acting. According to his plans, he will take over the dubbing jobs. Due to her illness, the filming of the series had to be temporarily stopped for the treatment of the actress. The series has eventually been rebooted and the third season will be available on Netflix on November 17, 2022.

Applegate – from Linda Cardellini Playing alongside her — she told the LA Times it was difficult to reshoot her at first, especially knowing the physical pain she endured as the cameras rolled.

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“I don’t like to see myself suffer. Plus, I gained 40 kilos due to a sedentary lifestyle and medication, and I didn’t look like I used to.” The actress added that at a certain point she was able to distance herself from her ego and appreciate the film and her performance.

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