They find something strange in the human ear

Right now, researchers don’t understand why this is.

Numerous studies support the fact that people react differently to sounds coming from different directions. We often feel the noise coming from behind as ominous, and we get easily aroused at the approach of the noise rather than it receding. These results can be traced back to evolutionary reasons, but now Swiss researchers have made a discovery that still has no explanation.

According to neuroscientists from the University Hospital of Lausanne and the University of Lausanne, positively charged human sounds lead to stronger neural activity in the auditory system of the brain if they are heard from the left side. Science alert.

The researchers came to this conclusion while examining the brains of 13 adults. Study participants listened to happy human singing sounds from three different directions—left, center, and right—when the researchers found that both sides of the auditory cortex were activated in the subjects.

However, recordings heard only on the left side elicited a much stronger neural response.

Previous studies have already shown that our left ear can more easily identify the emotional tone in someone’s voice. This has long been attributed to the fact that the left ear first feeds information to the right side of the auditory cortex, so the right hemisphere of the brain was thought to be better than the left at processing emotions. However, the present results indicate that a solution is not found here.

Stephanie Clark According to the neuroscientist, it is not yet known at what stage of human development the preference for positive left-handed human sounds appeared, nor is it known whether this evolved only in humans. Therefore, investigations continue.

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