There was a little bit of hype around the Rockstar Games, but now everything is fine

There was a little bit of hype around the Rockstar Games, but now everything is fine


They disappeared from Steam shows for a few hours and then returned to shows they shouldn’t be getting. So far the application has been restored and we have got free content!

04/20/2021 15:47 | Jerig | Category: Game

Strange phenomena have appeared on Steam recently, such as the recent disappearance of many game store listings without a trace. This valve It has improved since then, but a similar situation arose the other day, only this time Rock games About his games.

For several hours, several publisher games disappeared from the store, including Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3 or even Red Dead Redemption 2. This bug was corrected relatively quickly, in fact, they pushed it too far into Rockstar.

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Max Payne 3 (PlayStation 3)

Max is back, bitter and harder than ever.
” is reading!

This is because when these games were made available for purchase again on the Steam store, they also accidentally reactivated Midnight Club II, which was permanently withdrawn from the show years ago. Now, however, it is available for purchase again for a few hours, but of course it was later removed from the store again.

All of this is said to be two Rockstar games, and Max Payne 3 And that Black It may have been due to the activation of his new updates, as things got a little confused. But what kind of updates are they? The less important detail is that games no longer support 32-bit operating systems.

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No Noire (PlayStation 4)

Cole Phelps replaced his old suit with another.
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But what’s even more fun and interesting is that all DLCs in both games are free. For LA Noire, this does not apply to virtual reality missions. Upgrade to Max Payne 3 Description hereAnd Los Angeles Noire You can read it here. ■

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