The Wagner Group may have a competitor – the Russians are luring you with a high salary to join a new volunteer group

ISW wrote in its report, referring to the information of a well-known Russian military blogger, that The Kremlin may try to create a new militia, controlled by the Russian government and described as a volunteer unit owned by the Russian state Through the energy company Gazprom. The news is Infostart Stabbed.

The blogger claims that Gazprom’s subsidiary, Gazprom Neft, is creating a volunteer unit similar to the Russian Army Reserve (BARS) units. It was reported that Gazprom Neft’s recruitment drive attracted interest in the city of Donetsk afterwards The company offers a monthly salary of 400,000 rubles (about $5,260) and additional compensation. for performance bonuses.

According to the blogger This offered salary is double the amount offered by the Wagner Group, indicating that a volunteer in the formation of Gazprom Neft – including bonuses – can earn up to 600,000 rubles (about $ 7,890) per month. The report says that Gazprom Neft may try to compete with Wagner for recruits from the Donetsk region, given that Wagner is also conducting its own recruitment campaign in the region.

ISW notes that the Russian government previously authorized Gazprom Neft on February 6 to create a private security organization to protect Russia’s energy infrastructure. Ukrainian intelligence earlier indicated this The creation of private security company Gazprom Neft is in line with the Kremlin’s perceived campaign to sideline Wagner Group financier Yevgeny Prigozhin.and reduce the Kremlin’s dependence on the forces of the Wagner Group.

The Russian workforce shortage was previously reported by Portfolio, and the ISW report at the start of the week said they were trying to recruit volunteers instead of formally mobilizing:

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