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The United States and Canada were forced to play under horrific and dangerous conditions during the CONCACAF W Gold Cup

The United States and Canada were forced to play under horrific and dangerous conditions during the CONCACAF W Gold Cup

Red card in CONCACAF. Grab a seat. She shamefully, negligently, and unapologetically deserved it.

The fact that the regional governing body failed to prevent the United States and Canada from playing in the Amazon rainforest during Wednesday's soccer Gold Cup semi-final at a waterlogged Snapdragon Stadium is beyond the bone.

Aside from the very entertaining ending that saw the Americans win on penalties after the two teams tied 2-2, it was extremely dangerous and inexcusable.

Playing while San Diego's skies were empty was disgraceful. If the night had simply changed, that would be one thing. However, the game was not easy to get to grips with as some of the world's best players were reduced to stopping and starting, resulting in Woodstock attendees spinning.

It seemed like every moment was a hamstring or ACL injury in waiting.

Why? Just why?

The passes came with the parking brake on. The run looks like Navy SEAL training footage. How can path of least resistance and keeping trains on time trump safety, especially with the Olympics just five months away?

American legend Julie Foudy spoke for everyone with a bit of reason on Play it Tamro. “Someone's going to get hurt.”

“Probably not,” interim US coach Twyla Kilgore said when asked if the match should be played. “But those decisions are not my decisions. … Our job is to figure out how to win.

Jaden Shaw, right, celebrates with Corbin Albert (15) after scoring against Canada.

(KC Alfred/San Diego Union-Tribune)

While stadium workers were swatting water away with mops angrily with wavy sweepers at halftime, you wished luck to a bunch of them.

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What happened on Wednesday was not football, especially in the first half. It was an exercise in survival. It was a sport caught in the midst of a relentless wash cycle.

How does the United States measure where it stands after a stunning loss to Mexico in the group stage final, which was followed by a dominant 3-0 defeat to Colombia? Unlike pellets that withstand everything Mother Nature has to offer, they don't.

What result will Canada gain after creating a maple syrup-soaked defensive wall in the upcoming tournament, outscoring opponents 14-0? Nada. zero. nothing.

Irene Gutierrez, press officer at the stadium, said that a CONCACAF spokesman indicated that the decision to postpone play rests solely with the referee. The administrative body has no opinion? When should safety be paramount?

The fact that CONCACAF wanted the responses to come from an anonymous spokesperson said what the organization did not. responsible? Nah. It was a buck pass of the highest order.

When asked if the referee would be available to discuss the confusing decision-making process, as is possible in Major League Soccer, if not FIFA, Gutierrez was told there was no process in place.

Tap dancing a lot, CONCACAF? If this was all weakness from a teenager, it would be suspended for a month.

“You saw it. It was just the way it was,” said American striker Sophia Smith, who gave the United States a 2-1 lead in overtime before the fireworks finally arrived. “It was tough. The ball wasn't rolling the way you wanted it to roll. You had to change the way you played.

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“It wasn't an easy game to play. … Obviously it started raining when we were in the locker room getting ready. Then when we came in, we were like, 'Oh, this is bad.'

A twisted game due to strange circumstances has appeared again and again.

American striker Trinity Rodman chased down a breakaway ball in the 12th minute that only goalkeeper Kaylin Sheridan could beat, stopping in the pooling water as if attached to a boat anchor.

Rodman extended her arms out to the sides as if to say, “Why are we playing at this?”

America Trinity Rodman, right

American Trinity Rodman, right, competes for the ball with Canadian Gabe Karl during the semifinals of the CONCACAF W Gold Cup.

(KC Alfred/San Diego Union-Tribune)

San Diego Wave FC teammate Alex Morgan raced behind the defense soon after, slowing the water and the ball as if facing a sea of ​​brake lights during rush hour on Interstate 15.

When Canadian defender Vanessa Gill tried to return the ball to Sheridan in the 22nd minute, it rolled like a group shot in a smoke-filled pool hall.

American striker Jaden Shaw continued to run before Sheridan could close down the unexpected ground; The 19-year-old Wave star converted the first goal of the match.

If it weren't for the swampy spots in multiple spots on the field, the United States might have scored sooner. But again, they almost certainly would not have scored from the ball passed by Shaw.

Scott French, writing for Soccer America, said he's never seen teams play with so much water in top-level competition. He's been covering the sport since 1979.

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“It was clear the game was unplayable,” Canadian coach Bev Priestman said. “We put a lot of work into the game plan and within a minute it was thrown out the window.”

The United States celebrates after defeating Canada on penalties.

The United States celebrates after defeating Canada on penalties.

(KC Alfred/San Diego Union-Tribune)

When the rain finally left the badger communities in the east, Canada found a wet equalizer. Striker Jordyn Heitema headed home an Ashley Lawrence cross that decided the game in the 82nd minute.

In extra time – because tonight needed that, of course – Smith slid in behind the defense to slot a shot past Sheridan. Canada took advantage of a penalty kick in the final seconds as Adriana Leon buried the shot to continue a wet night.

The match proved to be entertaining in the end, but required a timeout. Settled it after a day when face building was not a necessary skill.

True victory on a wet, head-scratching night?

No one was hurt.

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