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The Russians are trying hard

The Russians are trying hard

The Russian army is turning tanks into car bombs. Troops want to use vehicles against Ukraine – He writes by Business Insider.

A recently released video shows an old tank driving down a tree-lined road until it is stopped by an explosion. The Russians equipped the MT-LB armored fighting vehicle with five bombs and 3.5 tons of explosives. the video here You can watch it.

This is somewhat similar to how ISIS fighters used car bombs to attack convoys and intimidate their enemies. According to experts, tanks can also be used for more effective strategic purposes, such as quickly encircling the enemy.

At about 300 meters from the sprint, the driver put the vehicle on manual throttle, sent it to the side and jumped off.

A Russian officer who oversaw the operation told state media.

Car bombs are usually used by technologically inferior forces that do not have air power to blow up enemy fortifications and heavy vehicles.

Russia, of course, has a strong air force, but at the same time, Ukraine forced it to fly away from the battlefield, leveling the playing field on the ground.

Load a tank manned by a volunteer soldier with explosives, then jump off it after pointing it at the enemy. What a stupid way the Russians are doing armored operations.

This is what Mark Hertling, a CNN military analyst, said.

Money is not enough for Ukraine’s victory

And military experts warn that Ukraine, in addition to weapons, also needs training and intelligence development. → Details

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