Indicator - Economy - Gas leakage is increasing

Indicator – Economy – Gas leakage is increasing

Until now It can also be seen from space Nord Stream leak, the people responsible for it are being sought, while it is especially so American And the Russian leadership is accused of this accidents Because Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West on Friday sabotage has been committed In exchange for natural gas pipelines built by Russia that run under the Baltic Sea and terminate in Germany. The United States and its allies strongly denied the accusation.

last week Swedish And near the Danish coast, in international waters, underground explosions damaged the lines, resulting in It caused a huge methane spill. According to the Danish and Swedish governments, hundreds of kilograms of explosives could be used in the bombings, reports say. News4Jax.

Captain Jamie Adamson, a Swedish navy spokesman, said the Swedish submarine rescue ship was damaged near the Swedish coast and that the ship was assisting the Swedish Coast Guard, which is running the work. It is not yet clear whether they will be able to dive into the pipeline with the help of divers or a submarine. The expected bad weather will further complicate the work on the site. According to the Swedish Coast Guard, their ship Amphitrite is also on site and monitoring marine traffic in the area.

Gas explodes on the surface in a huge circle

Over the weekend, Danish authorities announced that Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines had stopped leaking.

At the same time, according to the Swedish Coast Guard, one of their aircraft reports that the smaller leak of Nord Stream 2 is getting stronger again, the gas is now erupting on the surface in a circle of about 30 meters in diameter, and “may take some time” to stop completely. The Coast Guard did not provide an explanation for the intensification of the gas leak.

Danish authorities With the frigate Absalon and the environment ship Gunnar Thorson Two leaks are being monitored over Nord Stream 1 and 2 east of the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. The Danish Air Force takes part in the mission by helicopter.

A joint international investigation team is being formed

In Sweden, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Swedish Secret Service lead the investigation, while in Denmark, the Copenhagen Police conducts the investigation, in close cooperation with the Danish National Police, the Danish Police Intelligence Service, and Danish energy authorities.

They also plan to form a joint international investigation team, including the participation of the relevant authorities in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

American and Russian skepticism was also expressed at the extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council, which Moscow held due to gas pipeline accidents.

Norwegian researchers have published a digital map showing that a huge cloud of methane will drift over the Scandinavian region from damaged gas pipelines.

(Cover image: Nord Stream gas pipelines in Germany on August 30, 2022. Photo: Stefan Sauer/picture alliance via Getty Images)

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